Adam M. Lowenstein

Author of Reframe the Day
Martina played an absolutely vital role in the publication of my debut book, "Reframe the Day," which was published in April 2020. She provided a detailed and thoughtful structural edit that enabled me to transform a collection of chapters into a coherent narrative. She then provided an equally thorough copy-edit with additional comments and ideas that improved the book immeasurably. With both edits, her nuanced and heartfelt feedback made clear that she spent a great deal of time with the manuscript. Throughout the process, Martina helped me bring to life the ideas in "Reframe the Day" by encouraging me to incorporate more personal experiences throughout the manuscript. As an American writer living in the UK but writing about my career in American politics, she helped ensure the book would incorporate my voice and story while also resonating with readers of different backgrounds and experiences. Martina is an exceptionally talented editor, and I'm grateful for her willingness to dedicate her craft to this book. I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with her again!

Nicola MacDonald 

Author of Resilient Teen
Martina was such a pleasure to work with - professional, enthusiastic and creative. Martina took my jumbled-up chapters and turned them into a flowing book that I’m proud of. Thank you, Martina for all your help and extra ideas that created more stand out for the book.
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