Have a great idea for a book but don’t know how to write it? Or lack the time? Want to write your memoir or life story, share your great ideas with the world, promote your business? I’m here to do your writing for you. CEOs, celebrities, sports stars, influencers, self-help gurus, scientists, politicians, or people who simply want to tell their story, have turned to ghostwriters to transform their ideas into publishable manuscripts. I will create a bespoke ghostwriting package for you that can include:

  • Multiple Zoom/telephone conversations/interviews that will allow you to tell your story in your own voice
  • Background and supporting research (including interviews with other individuals) 
  • Ongoing consultation throughout the writing process, to incorporate your ideas and feedback into the manuscript plan, draft chapters, and multiple manuscript drafts.
  • The production of a complete manuscript of a pre-agreed word-count written in your voice

I offer ghostwriting services for memoir, travel and nature writing, science writing, self-help, business, and other non-fiction genres.

Contact me to discuss your ghostwriting needs today.

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